I'm so grateful that you're interested in walking a new healing journey. I'm so sorry that you have (or someone you love has) experienced sexual abuse. It's my sincere prayer that this 21-day email series will shed light on the darkness, offer new ways of coping, and deliver some much-needed hope. You are not alone, friend.

As a thank you for taking this bold, audacious step, I'll also be sending you The Sexual Abuse Impact Quiz so you can assess how you've been affected. This is a terrific tool not only for self-discovery and (hopefully) a few aha moments, but it's also a great insight to share with those who love you. For instance, if your spouse doesn't understand how sexual abuse harms someone, these quiz results may be insightful, and can become a catalyst for important, healing conversations.

Praying for you as you move forward in your healing journey,


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